Table Fable is a small Community Bakery that uses natural leaven to produce nutritious artisan breads.

All of our breads are hand-mixed, hand-shaped and naturally fermented without commercial yeast. From the start of the mix to the bake, the bread is fermented for approximately 24 hours.

Table Fable’s main mission is to reach out to the community, both by spreading healthy and nutritious food, but also by helping people who are vulnerable, may that be due to emotional or physical issues, through Community Baking.

We use top quality ingredients, grown naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. We source our ingredients locally whenever possible. These are all key elements of our mission. We love using seasonal ingredients in our breads and we are excited to offer seasonal loaves as part of our subscriptions and individual orders. We also offer a variety of products outside our subscritpions.

A lot of our baked goods are made the Southern Italian way, as our baker grew up in the South of Italy (Puglia).



Table Fable’s founder has just relocated to Moraga (California) from Oxford (UK), and is in the process of setting the business up. Please get in touch to show your interest in our services and products, or if you want to collaborate.

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Give us this day our Daily Bread.  Matt 6:11