“When I tried Table Fable’s brown bread I tasted the flavour of the homemade bread I used to eat when I was a child and lived in my Italian island, Sardinia. It made me feel so happy! I really enjoyed the ‘honey, spelt and oats’ bread too – it was incredible with honey on top and a cup of good coffee.” – Rossella, from Italy

“The bread is super approved: nice crust, nice elastic inside, nice taste, really good .. and it looks beautiful as well. And my 2-year old daughter likes it too. My husband loved your seasonal loaf (oats, honey and spelt)” – Sofia & Family, from Portugal

“The overnight white loaf has a perfect crust and soft inside that melts in your mouth. It was gone within 24 hours!” – Rebecca & Joey, from Washington State

“Your bread made me so happy all day!! It is the best!!!” – Veronica, from Mexico

“Just wanted to let you know that the ‘Overnight White’ loaf was delicious and we ate half of it straight away. We tried the ‘Honey Spelt and Oats’ bread and it’s absolutely amazing. Full of unique flavour, a bit more dense and moist than usual, definitely would like to get it again!” – Daniel & Ela, from Poland

“I look forward to Thursday night when I pick up my loaf from Table Fable. It’s like a present to unwrap every week: what pattern is on the top, what flavours will I find, what texture will I find.. The flavours are intense but not over bearing, the loaf with organic almonds this week was absolutely amazing.. the loaves made with winter vegetables, beetroot, carrot, looked beautiful, tasted fresh and were full of flavour. Knowing that all the ingredients are wholesome, organic and healthy means I find it hard to eat any other bread now.” – Sharon, from England

“My daughter proclaimed Table Fable’s bread as the best she had ever eaten – great praise indeed.  I love the bread and it always looks so beautiful. In our household it doesn’t last very long!!” – Ruth, from England

“Table Fable’s bread is amongst the best I’ve ever eaten. It’s not only amazingly delicious, but also packed with nutrients and love.” – Mayyasa

Community Baking

“I run a youth club for children with learning disabilities, and having
Giovanna come in to lead a baking workshop is one of the most popular and
successful things that we have ever done! In a group of very mixed abilities
– not to mention a varied interest in cookery – every child was thoroughly
engaged from start to finish. Giovanna took great care to make sure that
those children who wanted a challenge left having done work of which they
were very proud, and that those who weren’t too interested in cooking found
plenty of taste, textures, colours and fun to engage them. A highlight was
hearing some of the children boasting to their friends later about eating
the bread they had baked with dinner. Many parents have subsequently told me
how much their children enjoyed the workshop, and I know the whole group
would be delighted to see Giovanna come back! Very highly recommended.” – Mark at Yellow Submarine